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NOVUS Symposium at ESPN

Improving Performance and Sustainability through Nutrition

Wednesday, 21 June, 2023

16:00 to 18:00 in the Tempio 1 Room

Ground Floor at Palacongressi di Rimini, Italy  

This event is free to those attending the 23rd European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN) - no registration required.

Animal health and performance experts at NOVUS created the Scale Up™ Program to help producers reach their goals. Every stage of a bird’s life can impact its overall profitability. The Scale Up™ Program uses intelligent nutrition – a combination of global expertise and proven nutrition solutions – to optimize production at every stage of a bird’s life, helping each animal meet its genetic potential.  


16:00 Welcome and Introductions  

Silvia Peris Miras, DVM, Ph.D - Executive Regional Technical Services, EMEA at NOVUS International

16:15 Nutritional Strategies for Broilers in the Americas

Paul B. Tillman, Ph.D., PTNS - Poultry Technical Nutrition Services, LLC.  

Dr. Tillman will share how the broiler industry in the U.S. has changed due to the increase in broilers raised without antibiotics and no antibiotics ever production. He’ll discuss how nutrition can optimize performance, specifically relating to amino acid formulation to reduced C/P (energy/protein) formulas and considerations in trace mineral supplementation, as well as the environmental impact of broiler production.  

16:45 Nutritional Strategies for Broilers in EMEA  

Roger Davin, DVM, Ph.D., Poultry Consultant and Product Manager at Schothorst Feed Research  

Dr. Davin will provide an overview of European poultry production trends and the consequences these trends have on nutrition. He’ll discuss sustainability measures like low protein diets, reduced soybean meal usage, mineral utilization, and slow-growing broiler chickens, and the impact these actions have on gut health and bird performance.  

17:15 Trace Mineral Nutrition: Scale Up Program to Expand Broiler Potential  

Hugo Romero-Sanchez, Ph.D., Executive Manager, Global Poultry Technology Lead at NOVUS International  

Dr. Romero will provide an overview of mineral supplementation recommendations from various organizations, explaining the practicality of these recommendations in current poultry production systems and with modern husbandry practices. He will address different trace mineral sources and their efficacy in optimizing bird growth and performance.  

He will also explain how the Scale Up™ Program for broilers from NOVUS utilizes intelligent nutrition to address customer challenges and help meet production goals, positively impacting profitability while supporting environmental sustainability.   

17:35 Q&A

About the speakers


Silvia Peris Miras, DVM, Ph.D., is a veterinarian specializing in animal husbandry and nutrition. She serves as executive regional technical services manager for the NOVUS EMEA region. In this role, she works on-site with colleagues and customers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa to provide management advice and nutrition solutions for poultry and swine producers, veterinarians, nutritionists, and feed mills.

She has published many peer-reviewed and technical articles, presented research at congresses and symposiums around the world, and has served as author and editor of published books.

She earned her undergraduate and doctorate degrees from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain).


Dr. Paul Tillman is a poultry nutritionist focused on practical, production-oriented nutrition and technical services. He is an expert in vitamin supplementation and premixes, as well as other feed additives and amino acids. He is experienced in research trial design, analysis, and statistical techniques and can develop and implement strategic responses to critical situations. Dr. Tillman has been working as a consultant in the U.S. for large integrations. He has deep practical knowledge feeding millions of broilers.  

Skilled in ingredient quality assessment and feed formulation techniques, Dr. Tillman works to balance optimal animal performance with maximal profitability.  

He completed his doctorate in practical poultry nutrition at the University of Arkansas.   


Dr. Roger Davin serves as a consultant for poultry companies in the Netherlands, and across Europe and Asia. He has experience working with teams at UC Davis in the U.S., Freie Universität Berlin in Germany, and at Novus International in the U.S.   

He has degrees in veterinary medicine, animal science and animal nutrition from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and the University of Missouri.  


Dr. Hugo Romero has a comprehensive understanding of the physiological, nutritional, environmental, and economic variables that affect broiler and layer performance. At Novus, he is charged with coordinating poultry research and development to support customers through new uses of current technologies and develop new solutions for today’s challenges.   

Dr. Romero received his bachelor’s degree in zootechnics from La Salle University (Colombia) before completing his master’s degree in animal health and animal production at the National University of Colombia where he researched energy and protein metabolism in broilers raised at high altitudes. He was the recipient of an international scholarship to study at the University of Jerusalem (Israel) and was later appointed assistant professor at the University of Antioquia (Colombia). Selected for a prestigious Fulbright scholarship, he traveled to the United States to earn his doctorate at North Carolina State University. There he studied the effects of male broiler breeder feeding programs on fertility and broiler performance. He worked in academia in Colombia for 10 years before joining the Poultry Science Prestage Department at North Carolina State University as an adjunct professor.